This is the landing page for the listing of the Magic the Gathering back stock at the store. This is not an actual e-commerce ordering system, simply a list that allows you to see if we have what you need and develop your want lists to bring into the store or send them to us to fill for your later pick up.

Information about the Inventory:

  • This list only contains the card name, rarity and quantity available, further information and detailed search functions can be found at the Gatherer at the Magic website. We only search for cards by name and cannot search by other characteristics.
  • The list is refreshed on a regular basis and every effort is made to maintain its accuracy, but we cannot guarantee that accuracy 100%.
  • At this time the Generals Binder and the cards in our display cases are not inventoried.
  • Standard Format cards are not inventoried.
  • Cards are generally in Good to Near Mint condition (and of course you will be able to look at them before you buy them).
  • Prices are determined at the time the order/request is placed, and will you will be notified before we retrieve the cards. Our standard prices for commons and uncommons (.10 & .25) will normally be followed but they may vary.
  • Orders/requests are processed in the order received.
  • Every effort will be made to process orders/request as quickly as possible but we cannot always guarantee turn-around times.
  • It is expected that orders/requests will be picked up as quickly as possible, failure to do so may result in loss of order/request capability.
  • Orders/requests can be transmitted by email, Facebook Message, or at the store. Either use the request form (under development) or a regular message listing the card name and quantity desired.
  • Pulled cards must be picked up at the agreed upon time, and will be held for no later than 3 days beyond that. Repeated failure to pick up orders may result in a loss of order/request privileges.