Hometown Games is proud to be participating the Unrivaled Gaming Tournament program in 2017!

The Unrivaled Series starts with tournaments of the following games:

Munchkin, King of Tokyo, Nevermore, Ascension: Chronicles of the Godslayer, Villlagers & Villains, and Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards.

We will be hosting a number of events for these games. Winners of each event get an invite to a regional event, and the Regional winners are invited to Las Vegas (with free travel) for a national tournament and a chance to win cash prizes.

Entry fees for our events will be $5.00 with all fees being returned as store credit prizes to the participants. We will update the schedule here and on our Facebook page (Hometowngames).

Participants will need to set up an account at OOMBA.com, the resource used for tournament management and tracking. You can sign up for specific events there.

Hometown Games Unrivaled Tournament Series Schedule:

4/29 – King of Tokyo (12 pm)