It’s time for Fantasy Football, Hometown Style!

Hometown 2017 Blood Bowl League!

The 2017 League will consist of 4 five week seasons followed by a tournament of the Season Winners.

To also be counted as an HtG League game the following criteria must be met:

  • Game is played in the store
  • The same teams cannot play each other twice in a row
  • All games are played with official rules & teams
  • Death Zone Season One League rules will be used unless modified above or by other rules in effect (ex: Blitzmania)
  • The Commissioner may make modifications to rules/organization if needed

Seasonal Prize Categories:

  • Best League Record (minimum 5 games) – “Da Champz” Trophy
  • Biggest Beatdown (margin of victory) – “The Hammer” Trophy
  • Most Blood-Thirsty Team (Most wounds/kills) – “The Eradicator” Trophy
  • Most casualties taken – “The Wounded Duck” Trophy


Winter 2017 Season – In conjunction with Games Workshop’s Blitzmania

Dates 2/4-3/12 – Kickoff Day on 2/4
Entry Fee: $5

Week 1: 2/4-2/12
Week 2: 2/13-2/19
Week 3: 2/20-2/26
Week 4: 2/27-3/5
Week 5: 3/6-3/12

Blitzmania games can be played at home or at the store, all results must be logged at the store however.



“Da Champz” – Hogsmead Heretics

“Biggest Beatdown” – CDC vs. Samsonite Screamers (5-1)

“The Eradicators” – Krark Azul Ironhearts

“The Wounded Duck” – Hogsmean Heretics

Stay tuned for the Spring Season Announcement!


TeamCoachRaceWin %WLDCasualties Caused
Hogsmead HereticsDJ CooperHumans0.70833333333372311
Krark Azul IronheartsAlec StremelDwarves0.54166666666754318
Power Puss GhoulsCurt SpencerNurgle0.437534110
C.D.C.Mark BeckerChaos Dwarves0.42857142857134017
Samsonite ScreamersWilliam LittleLizardmen0.27777777777826114
Silvertail StalkersTyler PippertSkaven13002
Unforgotten SorrowsBrian CooperDark Elves11001
Daggergulch BloodmaulersJeff LaneOrcs00201